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Warranty and Returns


Your purchase can be registered with us using the register your warranty form located here 

By registering your purchase you can know that we have your details already available should you need to contact us about your purchase. To register your purchase please provide details of place of purchase, date of purchase and your order ID OR order number. Along with your contact name and email address.PLEASE NOTE - ONLY PRODUCTS PURCHASED BY US DIRECTLY ARE COVERED BY A WARRANTY.



If you have a defective product:


Owlconic will replace or provide a refund for any issues caused by manufacturer’s defects. This is valid within a 30 day warranty period from date of purchase. You need to ensure that you have purchased directly from Owlconic or( Neak Products )including from any third party website through which Owlconic or Neak Products are the seller(s). Proof of purchase will be required. ***No warranty is valid for purchases made through any other party*** 


Further details

After the 30 day warranty period has concluded Owlconic is under no obligation to offer a replacement or a full refund.


Owlconic may offer replacements for products with legitimate defects after the 30 day guarantee period. This will be evaluated on an individual case by case basis and replacements will be issued at Owlconic's discretion.


A valid order ID is required for all returns this includes order number and place and date of purchase. 


Both our warranty and satisfaction policy is valid for the original purchaser only. 


Owlconic’s warranty covers legitimate product defects and does not cover wear and tear*.(please see further details below)


Owlconic must be provided with a full description of the defect(s) and photographic evidence of the defect(s). The order ID must also be provided. 


We are very proud of our Owlconic products. We love them and we hope you do too. Please follow these directions if you have any issues or concerns with your purchase.


If you have received a damaged or defective product please notify us as soon as possible or within the warrantied 30 day period which commences from the date of purchase. We can be contacted on


Please provide the following details;

Your Order ID and the item(s) you are wanting to return along with the reason for the return. 


If the return reason is for a damaged or defective item please also provide photographic evidence of the defect.


We will then provide you with further instructions on how your return will be processed. 


After we have processed the return we will do one of the following

(1) refund the full amount paid for the item  or

(2) ship you a replacement item




The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the returned product. Products not returned in accordance with the above Return Procedures will NOT be sent back. No replacement or refund will be issued. Returns must be approved before they are returned.


If your item needs to be returned for any of the following reasons a full refund of your return costs on items will be provided if:

  • you received a damaged item, or

  • you received a faulty item.



The following defects are covered by our WARRANTY: Please note that some defects require you to notify us immediately when your item is received. 


manufacturer’s defects (including but is not limited to):

  • Broken or damaged items

  • Time piece dysfunctional 

  • Missing parts. (Please notify us RIGHT AWAY)


***Please take note that our return policy does not cover any damage incurred during mishandling on the part of the buyer and during the return process. Please ensure that items are returned in packaging that will protect the item from damage / further damage during the return process. 


The following issues are NOT covered by our WARRANTY


wear and tear (this includes but is not limited to):

  • Any damage caused by the sun, rain, or other outdoor environmental conditions.

  • Damage caused by accidents

  • Excessive wear and tear 

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