Owlconic Kids Analogue Teaching Clock

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Help your children learn to tell the time on a real Analogue clock! This beautifully designed clock is perfect for any room decor. The clock is also broken up into quarters to help kids understand more concepts of time. The easy design helps kids make the connection between digital and analogue time.In this digital age many kids have lost touch with being able to tell the time on an analogue clock. The Owlconic clock is the perfect tool to gently guide them into knowing analogue time.


Patent # D875591 

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Owlconic Time Game

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The Owlconic® Time Game is great for helping kids learn to read a clock and make connections between both digital and analog time.

Lots of skills are covered in this one game set, including; time, memory, fractions, sequencing, problem solving, fine motor skills, reading and writing time.

The are lots of different ways to use this 128-piece game set to play a variety of time based games. The set is fully adjustable for all learning abilities and gives kids lots of ways to explore time. 

The Owlconic® Time Game helps kids understand time using hands-on learning. Giving children the opportunity to make sense of their day, for example the times when they do daily activities in their routine.

Patent # D875591

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Owlconic Magnetic Responsibility Chart

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Kids love reward charts. This magnetic responsibility chart is customizable for up to three children. They can easily track their progress and check off completed tasks.


The visual reminder for children to see what they need to do lowers the stress on parents as they do not have to keep reminding their kids to do their chores.


Families can decide together what the goal and incentive is to get the jobs done, giving great opportunities for family teamwork. Helping your child find what motivates them and set goals with them to finish their daily chores.


Children are also rewarded because they are contributing to helping their family. This is teaching them they are a valuable team player. The independence that comes with having a gentle visual reminder of their responsibilities, helps children develop confidence and a positive self-esteem.

Patent #D861783

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