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Owlconic Time Game

Owlconic Time Game


A Great 128 Piece Teaching Aid to Help Kids Learn Analog and Digital Time.

  • Product Info

    The Owlconic Time Game provides the perfect opportunity for children to play and engage with a clock in a fun way. It helps kids to learn both digital and analog time.

    The Owlconic Time Game is great for helping kids learn to read a clock and make connections between both digital and analog time.

    Lots of skills are covered in this one game set, including; time, memory, fractions, sequencing, problem solving, fine motor skills, reading and writing time.

    The are lots of different ways to use this 128-piece game set to play a variety of time based games. The set is fully adjustable for all learning abilities and gives kids lots of ways to explore time.

    The Owlconic Time Game helps kids understand time using hands-on learning. Giving children the opportunity to make sense of their day, for example the times when they do daily activities in their routine.

    Learning to tell time is a very important life skill for children to learn, it builds confidence and independence. The Owlconic Time Game supports children in developing a strong understanding of time.


    • Great for visual and tactile learners!
    • Time Telling
    • Sequencing
    • Connection between digital & analog time
    • Fine motor skills –manipulating the manual clock and writing the time on the clock dry erase board.
    • Problem solving
    • Memory
    • Reading & writing time


    The Time Game Set includes 128 pcs:


    • 60 Digital / Written Time Flash Cards.
    • 60 Analog Time Flash cards.
    • 2 Large Clock Erase Boards (7.88” x 10.63”) with adjustable hands
    • 2 Whiteboard Markers
    • 1 Whiteboard Eraser
    • 3 Game Dice


    Owlconic for learning. Quality tools to help children learn.

    Pat No. D875591

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