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Owlconic Kid's Analog Teaching Time Clock

Owlconic Kid's Analog Teaching Time Clock


Help your Kids Learn The Time with our specially designed analog kids wall clock that lets them see what time it is using colored numbers. Telling time on our timepiece is easy and fun and teaching children is a breeze thanks to helpful references like “o’clock,” “quarter past,” “half past,” and “quarter to.”


    Teaching Your Kids To Tell Time Just Got Easier!

    Using our children’s time clock will engage your child in a fun and informative way. The engaging layout means their attention is secured, whilst the easy to read numbers and hands means they’ll quickly be able to get used to putting all of the numbers together.

    Encouraging Creative Learning!

    The cognitive development our clocks provide isn’t just for making sense of the numbers, it also helps kids with problem solving and critical thinking.

    Designed by Parents, for Parents

    At Owlconic we made our child's needs the sole focus behind creating this children’s clock for learning. Using our experience with other, less successful time clocks for kids we knew what changes we had to make so that our child would be able to truly learn. We bring this balance of simplicity and efficiency to other parents so that they can help their kids learn faster!

    A Great Gift for a Developing Mind!

    Our clock makes the ideal gift for any child who’s just getting old enough to where they can read numbers. With a fun layout, non-distracting colors and a simple to understand format, we’re confident your child will be able to read any clock in no time!

    Pat No. D875591

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